Happy Easter

I want to take this opportunity to wish the whole world a happy Easter Holiday

I got Lucky :) Only found this one with no Hunt ;)
I got Lucky 🙂 Only found this one with no Hunt 😉

Even though most of ya`ll have no clue what Easter really is but don`t worry because i will slightly break it down for you.

Well…. Most of you ever heard of Jesus? Or know him? Or read books about him? So Easter holiday is meant to be a holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus who his other name is Christ, who was reported to have died for people`s sins ( You ) yes Jesus died for your sins, our sins. Question is; how did you spend your Easter short holiday?

Whilst most of you (at least in the world I am currently living in ) Spent the whole weenkend in bars drinking Others spent it in Church praying. I am pretty sure Jesus wouldnt be happy celebrating his resurrection in bars but church 🙂 . Wait! I am not judging anyone,I am just saying…….. anyway this is how I spent my easter weekend.

Good Friday

Since its always a good Friday in my diary because its that feeling you get when you are really excited about the weekend so I was literraly busy celebrating 😀 & meeting good people

Holy Saturday

I failed to understand if saturday is just a good saturday as well or just a normal day but I figured out that its a holy saturday & its between good friday and easter sunday. Anyway I was busy preparing for the big day coming after good saturday.

Easter Sunday

This day is commonly known as the big deal of the whole Easter holiday, Let me explain why; Easter sunday isnt just a day but its also a sunday so mostly everyone goes to church becahse thats what people do!

Sunday was beautiful because I got to spend time with the most amazing people who beautiful hearts…. there is nothing wonderful then gathering together, have laughs, and smile together.

I know I know, I should of gone to church because its a sunday but since I had a lot to organize I annoyingly missed church But I am Jesus understands that I was doing a great Job spending time with his children.

Easter Monday

I dont feel guilty that I havent done anything today because its not just a monday but its also a day after Easter sunday 😉 I feel blessed because I am supposed to be having too much chores to deal with but today I dont have to and I also get to recover from the massive Easter Sunday. Not Looking forward to tomorrow though 😦

I had a great weekend regardless. More Easter Holidays Please 😀 😀


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Thanksgiving Day Vs Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh well, Thanksgiving is here again!  Same Month, different dates every year since 1863! November 27th this time around  of 2014  when mostly Americans and well….. other human beings who beleive they are to celebrate thanksgiving. Awesome!

I will  slightly explain what thanksgiving is all about: Thanksgiving is usually the national annual day basically in the united states of America and canada where they give great and lovely thanks for the harvest and the following year.

Unless those who beleive they have to celebrate it together with the other Americans LOL other people do not see Thanksgiving Day as a big thing like here in Uganda, a big number of people do not even realize its thanksgiving and everything keeps it normal same as any other days: people still go to work, business still runs, students go to school. Do not get me wrong its just how it is in this Country!

Each individual has a different way of expressing thanksgiving Minus me ofcourse…. Not everyone sees Thanksgiving Day as a cause for celebration, again, unless the Americans… most people give their thanks to things like harvests, having each other, expressing the love they have between families yala yala.

About me: its thanksgiving today but i had ofcourse my pasta and vegetables for lunch and noodle soup for dinner as usual, but this all doesnt mean i dont celebrate in my own ways, i continue to love my family and my friends. Though my real dream would be to eat a whole turkey because am all craves.

Not going to compose  too much about today, just wanted to wish ya`ll thanksgiving.  xxx

Babra Kambedha

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Belated Uganda`s Independence Day 9th October and I

Uganda Herself
Uganda Flag


I could of said Happy Birthday Uganda because it is your birthday or was your Birthday, but no I will say Happy belated because that was on the 9th of October this year of 2014 in other wards it’s never too late wish someone a happy birthday so Uganda, allow me to wish you a happy Belated Birthday on your Independence day. I myself is overjoyed by Uganda herself because oh boy…. 54 years old is something big and with all respect this makes me proud you Uganda!

Some much happened last Thursday and four days gone by already on Independence day and by this I mean thank you MTN Uganda for the free bundles you offered every MTN network user me inclusive, 50mbs could sound as small as most people could look at the figure of 50mbs but at same time it does really a lot for instance I could watch a quick short clip of Pornography and would still be fine with it. Though this is not the case and don’t wonder and dare to ask me why because honestly won’t have any awesome answer for you 😉 yes MTN you always get your customer`s backs on special days and occasions like this even though I must confess, your network just really does get me annoying most times, am sure you will understand me MTN Uganda! I will continue supporting you and encouraging my friends who visit Uganda to support you as much. 😀

So anyway I got to reunite with the special people in my life with the most lovely deep rich hearts who mean a lot to me. lots of good laughs, ate good food which I honestly didn’t cook even though am a good cook ;). This went on the whole day till dawn. It was really awesome and it’s a big day to remember. Oooohhh wait! Pause it right there….. I wouldn’t say I spent independence day with all the important and special people In my little world lol because would mean my Lovely Momma, other family and my other friends worldwide that I Love so much! ❤

Uganda, One Love!

There is Nothing more beautiful than living in Uganda, so peaceful at heart!

Uganda the Dream Land!

Africa my Best Friend.

One Uganda, One Love!!

Boy Meets Girl

The day is beautiful…. The sun is shining and the weather is incredibly sweet. For now at least… I honestly can`t complain right at this Moment.

The Question is always one “How would you be without that special one person that means everything in your life”?

The Indefinable moment; that unique moment that you cannot explain to someone else if they asked how you felt. Yes, that feeling that makes you special in a way that you are literary the only person who knows the Magic feeling inside your heart.

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When Love is not Madness, its not Love

Well……Fuck the Confused feeling, Forget about the disturbing question that runs in your mind and the idea of thinking if what you’re feeling is Love or Lust….Just roll with it, as long as it’s positive 😉

There is always that Person that you wish if they weren’t strangers in Life ever; they would be your twin mates. That special person that you literary cannot get tired or bored staring at each other but instead just enjoy the feeling (The feeling of not waiting to express both your affections towards each other. Could it be Love?!

I am talking about that same person you know for a short period of time but it feels like you have known them for longer than decades, that magical connection you both get and it feels so right that you cannot focus or think of anything else in life but to look forward to see that person again and it makes you smile to just think of it. Could it be Love?!

barbz 1

The 10 When’s;

  1. When they tell you they miss you at the exact moment whilst you know you miss them at that right moment.
  2. When they tell you they want see you so bad and you want to see them as much.
  3. When you both come to mind that the only thing you both have in Common is cuddling.
  4. When you do have the same dreams in Life.
  5. When you both click so easily to some point that you both don’t think of why but Magic.
  6. When they make your world shine like they live In your World.
  7. When both your feelings are mutual, when they give you reasons to live happily ever after each every second of the day that clocks.
  8. When you both care the shitt about yourselves the same way.
  9. When you both literary can`t get tired of each other
  10. When you both just run out of When`s
Love isn`t  finding someone to live with, its finding someone you cant live without

That person you wish they would wake up by your side each other morning so it would like recycling mornings. When you dream about them almost every night because the fact reveals its self that you that you do think about them before you go to sleep.

Oh yes…… Relationships aren’t about: I want this, I want that, it`s about two people caring for each other`s desires … and ohh wait….. We have this too! Yes Peeps. Each time you happen to meet someone like this, keep them 😉 its  special, it`s rare just as it rarely happens.

I do believe that in Life there is always the Triangle that’s like a trick ready for everyone to fall in. I really don’t want to annoyingly talk about Love and Lust because at the day end they both are ridiculously dangerous. I really don’t want to say that I don’t believe in Love but neither do I want to believe in Lust? NO NO , I want to Love! What’s there to Lose? The Heart… yes.!! The Heart. But as long as it`s lost your to the right person. Anyway At the end of the day they both (Love & Lust) are a risk in a way that they drive you to something that’s dangerous hence your feelings get hurt. You do not want to be listening to sad songs and cry like a little girl in your room or in your car to sad loud music. Trust me u want to be the happiest girl that lives a life… Not the other way round.

Keep Happy
Keep Happy

Bless. Xxx

Kambedha Babra

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Hey, I am Just a Real Cut Up

Oh Hey, I m Cool!

Ocean is always the Deal
Ocean is always the Deal

I am cool because i am happy 😀

I am cool because i was born in May and this is the first writing since month began 😉

I am cool because I chose to live my Life positively.

I am cool because I chose to ignore all that stresses me.

I am cool because I smile when I absolutely have no idea why.

I am cool because I only care about those who care about me not being selfish btw.

I am cool because am focused!!!!

I am cool because I chose to stop whatever negative destruction that comes my way.

I am cool because am not the one who loves more than you.

I am cool because i am one of those who loves their mommaz.

I am cool because I love Food

I could just be cool having a pair of shoes 😉

3 Words in One:-  Keep your Cool!!!

                                                                “Don’t fight what you cant stand, just walk way”

Enjoy your day Fam!!!

                                                                  Kambedha Babra (KB)

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Save The Miniskirt

Like seriously Mr . President?  To all the problems goin on and on in Uganda that are waiting to get solved u choose signing the miniskirt bill????


With all due respect: Iam not only disappointed but am extremely disappointed with your weak ass decision. 

How about the bad roads that are waitin on getting repaired?
How about the hungry people dying on the streets?

Mr . President have you even visited mulago hospital?  Seen how many people are dying every other second??

Why cant we all together stand up and solve all these problems together then we collect the minor ones later.

I personally won’t even think of burning down my closet coz to be honest mr president I cant begin wearing hijabs in this hot ass country………!

Where is Uganda going?

Questions Questions Questions

Am sure if President Obama didnt warn you about the gay bill you would have signed it aswell… am sure the gay bill is even more serious then the miniskirt.

For heaven’s sakes Mr.president this is a capital city,ok maybe its a village to me….. since its disorganized. The best attraction it could have is if “GIRLS WORE MINISKIRTS”

Change your mind, Make Little Uganda Happy

2013 Meets RIP

I got thrilled with Nelson Mandela`s death: For we all know that the world lost a true great. sad really sad. Most remembered for your struggle for Justice. RIP Madiba. If only we could find a copy of him! 

you are a hero!

Nelson Mandela Madiba


Not only Madiba, but a couple of months back, we lost  a Glee star Cory Monteith: One of my favourate actors in the serie: RIP cory!

Cory Monteith – Finn

This month of  december 2013 we have lost Paul walker in a terrible car crush,  i wonder what will happen in the next Fast and Furious without him. RIP Paul

Paul walker

RIP gentle men!

This year is been full of shocking news but tell you what: its  Life.

utilize every minute you have in life as long as you still Live

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Farewell letter

Its amazing


This city of stone is sleeping in the hands of the winds. In this city beautiful ladies with hungry eyes and greedy itch of a new love on a leash are pounding heels on the sidewalks. From the chains of this city the ships are tearing off into the endless sky, everybody who’s leaving this city is never coming back. In this city birds are seen by their eyes full of love to the sun we don’t see. In this city Romeo drinks vodka and rolls a joint because he already knows that his Juliette has to die. In this city everybody keeps his own loop on his chest and is ready to bite to death everyone who is going to measure the deepness of his sufferings in a hope to find the bottom. In this city a loud deafness with rhythmical recitative of unconcern flows from thousands headphones inserted…

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