Belated Uganda`s Independence Day 9th October and I

Uganda Herself
Uganda Flag


I could of said Happy Birthday Uganda because it is your birthday or was your Birthday, but no I will say Happy belated because that was on the 9th of October this year of 2014 in other wards it’s never too late wish someone a happy birthday so Uganda, allow me to wish you a happy Belated Birthday on your Independence day. I myself is overjoyed by Uganda herself because oh boy…. 54 years old is something big and with all respect this makes me proud you Uganda!

Some much happened last Thursday and four days gone by already on Independence day and by this I mean thank you MTN Uganda for the free bundles you offered every MTN network user me inclusive, 50mbs could sound as small as most people could look at the figure of 50mbs but at same time it does really a lot for instance I could watch a quick short clip of Pornography and would still be fine with it. Though this is not the case and don’t wonder and dare to ask me why because honestly won’t have any awesome answer for you 😉 yes MTN you always get your customer`s backs on special days and occasions like this even though I must confess, your network just really does get me annoying most times, am sure you will understand me MTN Uganda! I will continue supporting you and encouraging my friends who visit Uganda to support you as much. 😀

So anyway I got to reunite with the special people in my life with the most lovely deep rich hearts who mean a lot to me. lots of good laughs, ate good food which I honestly didn’t cook even though am a good cook ;). This went on the whole day till dawn. It was really awesome and it’s a big day to remember. Oooohhh wait! Pause it right there….. I wouldn’t say I spent independence day with all the important and special people In my little world lol because would mean my Lovely Momma, other family and my other friends worldwide that I Love so much! ❤

Uganda, One Love!

There is Nothing more beautiful than living in Uganda, so peaceful at heart!

Uganda the Dream Land!

Africa my Best Friend.

One Uganda, One Love!!

4 thoughts on “Belated Uganda`s Independence Day 9th October and I

  1. She lovely girl and fun…..we glad we spent the day togther with your sis and Alex… yall are loved by US!

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