Boy Meets Girl

The day is beautiful…. The sun is shining and the weather is incredibly sweet. For now at least… I honestly can`t complain right at this Moment.

The Question is always one “How would you be without that special one person that means everything in your life”?

The Indefinable moment; that unique moment that you cannot explain to someone else if they asked how you felt. Yes, that feeling that makes you special in a way that you are literary the only person who knows the Magic feeling inside your heart.

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When Love is not Madness, its not Love

Well……Fuck the Confused feeling, Forget about the disturbing question that runs in your mind and the idea of thinking if what you’re feeling is Love or Lust….Just roll with it, as long as it’s positive 😉

There is always that Person that you wish if they weren’t strangers in Life ever; they would be your twin mates. That special person that you literary cannot get tired or bored staring at each other but instead just enjoy the feeling (The feeling of not waiting to express both your affections towards each other. Could it be Love?!

I am talking about that same person you know for a short period of time but it feels like you have known them for longer than decades, that magical connection you both get and it feels so right that you cannot focus or think of anything else in life but to look forward to see that person again and it makes you smile to just think of it. Could it be Love?!

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The 10 When’s;

  1. When they tell you they miss you at the exact moment whilst you know you miss them at that right moment.
  2. When they tell you they want see you so bad and you want to see them as much.
  3. When you both come to mind that the only thing you both have in Common is cuddling.
  4. When you do have the same dreams in Life.
  5. When you both click so easily to some point that you both don’t think of why but Magic.
  6. When they make your world shine like they live In your World.
  7. When both your feelings are mutual, when they give you reasons to live happily ever after each every second of the day that clocks.
  8. When you both care the shitt about yourselves the same way.
  9. When you both literary can`t get tired of each other
  10. When you both just run out of When`s
Love isn`t  finding someone to live with, its finding someone you cant live without

That person you wish they would wake up by your side each other morning so it would like recycling mornings. When you dream about them almost every night because the fact reveals its self that you that you do think about them before you go to sleep.

Oh yes…… Relationships aren’t about: I want this, I want that, it`s about two people caring for each other`s desires … and ohh wait….. We have this too! Yes Peeps. Each time you happen to meet someone like this, keep them 😉 its  special, it`s rare just as it rarely happens.

I do believe that in Life there is always the Triangle that’s like a trick ready for everyone to fall in. I really don’t want to annoyingly talk about Love and Lust because at the day end they both are ridiculously dangerous. I really don’t want to say that I don’t believe in Love but neither do I want to believe in Lust? NO NO , I want to Love! What’s there to Lose? The Heart… yes.!! The Heart. But as long as it`s lost your to the right person. Anyway At the end of the day they both (Love & Lust) are a risk in a way that they drive you to something that’s dangerous hence your feelings get hurt. You do not want to be listening to sad songs and cry like a little girl in your room or in your car to sad loud music. Trust me u want to be the happiest girl that lives a life… Not the other way round.

Keep Happy
Keep Happy

Bless. Xxx

Kambedha Babra

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