Happy Easter

I want to take this opportunity to wish the whole world a happy Easter Holiday

I got Lucky :) Only found this one with no Hunt ;)
I got Lucky πŸ™‚ Only found this one with no Hunt πŸ˜‰

Even though most of ya`ll have no clue what Easter really is but don`t worry because i will slightly break it down for you.

Well…. Most of you ever heard of Jesus? Or know him? Or read books about him? So Easter holiday is meant to be a holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus who his other name is Christ, who was reported to have died for people`s sins ( You ) yes Jesus died for your sins, our sins. Question is; how did you spend your Easter short holiday?

Whilst most of you (at least in the world I am currently living in ) Spent the whole weenkend in bars drinking Others spent it in Church praying. I am pretty sure Jesus wouldnt be happy celebrating his resurrection in bars but church πŸ™‚ . Wait! I am not judging anyone,I am just saying…….. anyway this is how I spent my easter weekend.

Good Friday

Since its always a good Friday in my diary because its that feeling you get when you are really excited about the weekend so I was literraly busy celebrating πŸ˜€ & meeting good people

Holy Saturday

I failed to understand if saturday is just a good saturday as well or just a normal day but I figured out that its a holy saturday & its between good friday and easter sunday. Anyway I was busy preparing for the big day coming after good saturday.

Easter Sunday

This day is commonly known as the big deal of the whole Easter holiday, Let me explain why; Easter sunday isnt just a day but its also a sunday so mostly everyone goes to church becahse thats what people do!

Sunday was beautiful because I got to spend time with the most amazing people who beautiful hearts…. there is nothing wonderful then gathering together, have laughs, and smile together.

I know I know, I should of gone to church because its a sunday but since I had a lot to organize I annoyingly missed church But I am Jesus understands that I was doing a great Job spending time with his children.

Easter Monday

I dont feel guilty that I havent done anything today because its not just a monday but its also a day after Easter sunday πŸ˜‰ I feel blessed because I am supposed to be having too much chores to deal with but today I dont have to and I also get to recover from the massive Easter Sunday. Not Looking forward to tomorrow though 😦

I had a great weekend regardless. More Easter Holidays Please πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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