Save The Miniskirt

Like seriously Mr . President?  To all the problems goin on and on in Uganda that are waiting to get solved u choose signing the miniskirt bill????


With all due respect: Iam not only disappointed but am extremely disappointed with your weak ass decision. 

How about the bad roads that are waitin on getting repaired?
How about the hungry people dying on the streets?

Mr . President have you even visited mulago hospital?  Seen how many people are dying every other second??

Why cant we all together stand up and solve all these problems together then we collect the minor ones later.

I personally won’t even think of burning down my closet coz to be honest mr president I cant begin wearing hijabs in this hot ass country………!

Where is Uganda going?

Questions Questions Questions

Am sure if President Obama didnt warn you about the gay bill you would have signed it aswell… am sure the gay bill is even more serious then the miniskirt.

For heaven’s sakes Mr.president this is a capital city,ok maybe its a village to me….. since its disorganized. The best attraction it could have is if “GIRLS WORE MINISKIRTS”

Change your mind, Make Little Uganda Happy