Thanksgiving Day Vs Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh well, Thanksgiving is here again!  Same Month, different dates every year since 1863! November 27th this time around  of 2014  when mostly Americans and well….. other human beings who beleive they are to celebrate thanksgiving. Awesome!

I will  slightly explain what thanksgiving is all about: Thanksgiving is usually the national annual day basically in the united states of America and canada where they give great and lovely thanks for the harvest and the following year.

Unless those who beleive they have to celebrate it together with the other Americans LOL other people do not see Thanksgiving Day as a big thing like here in Uganda, a big number of people do not even realize its thanksgiving and everything keeps it normal same as any other days: people still go to work, business still runs, students go to school. Do not get me wrong its just how it is in this Country!

Each individual has a different way of expressing thanksgiving Minus me ofcourse…. Not everyone sees Thanksgiving Day as a cause for celebration, again, unless the Americans… most people give their thanks to things like harvests, having each other, expressing the love they have between families yala yala.

About me: its thanksgiving today but i had ofcourse my pasta and vegetables for lunch and noodle soup for dinner as usual, but this all doesnt mean i dont celebrate in my own ways, i continue to love my family and my friends. Though my real dream would be to eat a whole turkey because am all craves.

Not going to compose  too much about today, just wanted to wish ya`ll thanksgiving.  xxx

Babra Kambedha

twitter : @badgalbarbz

Instagram: @badgalbarbz

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