2013 Meets RIP

I got thrilled with Nelson Mandela`s death: For we all know that the world lost a true great. sad really sad. Most remembered for your struggle for Justice. RIP Madiba. If only we could find a copy of him! 

you are a hero!

Nelson Mandela Madiba


Not only Madiba, but a couple of months back, we lost  a Glee star Cory Monteith: One of my favourate actors in the serie: RIP cory!

Cory Monteith – Finn

This month of  december 2013 we have lost Paul walker in a terrible car crush,  i wonder what will happen in the next Fast and Furious without him. RIP Paul

Paul walker

RIP gentle men!

This year is been full of shocking news but tell you what: its  Life.

utilize every minute you have in life as long as you still Live

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