A beautiful Thursday

My favorite dish sort of a thing  for lunch , “Ethiopian Food” – the best of all times.

Ethiopian Food ( Mixed Dish ) – Injera

The Sunset, the sky just turned into some kind of light all of the sudden after it’s been blue and I couldn’t keep my eyes off. We had a good time.

Sunset view
Sunset view

Hope u enjoyed it! Have a nice day. 😀



Hallo Everyone, I would like to introduce myself to the blog community, I have been writing to myself and shying to publicize what I write so it’s high time I decided to kick off with sharing my writings about Life.  I love sharing the experiences that I tend to face in life. I am obsessed with Fitness, I love Fashion , I enjoy dressing up and looking good, I enjoy taking pictures.

I think a lot but to some point I thought that I could just focus on sharing my thoughts about it all through blogging. No more running away from reality, this might be one easy way how to express my self.

Some of us were born free and others of us have to fight  for it , Practicing a living and writing skills and Fashion is what drives me to blog. I might not be very good at it but I will try like the saying “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. If you must, die trying “

Would be very much nice with everyone who will read my blog: D: